Responsible Sourcing Manager – Latin America (Peruanos)

Job Title:                                 Responsible Sourcing Manager – Latin America
Responsible to:                       Head of Technical XXX
Special Relationship:               Tesco - Responsible Sourcing Manager & Tesco American Hubs
Personal Attributes
  • Completely fluent in Spanish and English – written and oral
  • Educated to University degree level
  • Strong organisation skills
  • Ability to anticipate potential problems
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Reliable and flexible attitude
  • Computer literate ( including excel)
  • Analytical
  • Desirable: experience with SEDEX platform & SMETA audit scheme.
  • Desirable:  SAI Basic Auditor Course
  • Experienced in travelling across the Latin America region
  • At least 8 – 10 years professional experience post University.
  • Peruvian citizen or legal permanent resident.
Key Responsibilities
  • Implement and monitor  Corporate ethical strategy in Latin America, especially High-Risk countries.Delivering against agreed objectives and targets as described in the Ethical Strategic Development plan for Peru, Colombia, Guatemala, Dominican Republic and Mexico; implementation of the ETI Base Code.
  • Liaise with and support ETI Peruvian Horticultural Working Group.
  • Support and work with the grower base in identifying; short, medium and long-term solutions to reoccurring ethical non-conformances to include; Working Hours, Health & Safety, Management Systems, Wages, Environmental, Discipline & Grievance, Freedom of Association and Temporary Employment/Subcontracting.
  • Support the benchmarking of key growing operations; Water Footprint, Soil Health, Biodiversity, Energy Use and Waste Stream.
  • Establish short, medium and long-term interventions to improve or mitigate against formal timelines.
  • Monitor and report effectiveness
  • Working alongside in country environmental agencies / departments
Reputational Risk
  • Maintain an updated data base of news articles or relevant information about suppliers and support the assessment of new suppliers to ensure no reputational risk (pending judicial or Government lawsuits, claims of illegal association (drug, paramilitary, corruption, land-grabbing, illegal water use, etc).     
Summary of Key Tasks
  • Support the Corporate Responsible Sourcing function for Tesco.
  • Implement, monitor and report against agreed joint ethical, reputational and environmental objectives and targets.
  • Liaise with relevant stakeholders ( NGOs, workers organizations, Government agencies, etc)
  • Support the Tesco American Hubs.
Edgar Monge-Nicolaas
Responsible Sourcing Manager - Americas
Gerente de Responsabilidad Social- Americas.  
Tesco Stores Ltd
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